Pledge Write-Off

Pledge write-offs reduce the amount of the pledge.  When a constituent is unable to fulfill a pledge, write off the balance so unnecessary pledge reminders are not sent and reports are not inflated with projected amounts of incoming funds. 

Example: Dellerege Family pledged $2,000 and paid five installments of $300 each, leaving a $500 balance.  Dellerege Family decides not to pay the remaining balance. 

To write off a scheduled payment:  
1. Navigate to Payments tab under Donation Details (Development>Donations>Dashboard>Donation Details>Payments)
2. Locate the row corresponding to the scheduled payment (unpaid) you want to write off and click Write Off button.

After the selected payment is written off, the Donation Amount is reduced by the written off amount. Note, Original Donation Amount preserves the amount originally pledged by the donor.

Example: Since Dellerege Family decides not to pay $500 and associated pledge payments are written off, the Original Donation Amount is now $2,000, Donation Amount is $1,500, Written-off Amount is $500, Paid Amount is $1,500 and Balance is $0.

Note: to write-off the entire balance, navigate to Donation Details and use left menu Write Off.

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