Printing 1096

Prior to printing 1096 forms, please start by Verifying 1099s.

Note: Only vendors who meet the qualifications established by the IRS are included on 1099 forms. Please see the Printing 1099 article for details.  The 1096 form is a summary of the 1099 forms.

Use the following reports located in Data Analytics Tool (DAT) -> PCR Imported category to print 1096 forms.  Please note, you will need FinanceAP Full or FinanceAP Read roles to access these reports.

[Finance] 1096 MISC - No Lines
[Finance] 1096 NEC - No Lines

Note: The reports have the same layout, the only difference is whether the report conditions are for Non-Employee Compensation (NEC), or everything else that isn't NEC.
Note: These reports are for 2020 and later due to changes to the IRS forms.  For forms prior to 2020, please use the report [Finance] 1096 - No Lines (Pre-2020).

- Open the desired report.
- Navigate to Results tab on the left.
- Click the “Print” button to download the 1096 form.
- Print the form.

These reports are year-specific.  To update the tax year:

- Open the desired report.
- Click on the Query tab on the left.
- Click on “1099 Item Totals” table.
- Specify the correct Tax Year below Table Required Parameters.
- Click Save.

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