Propel Your School’s Web Presence into The Next Generation With Google Analytics 4

PCR Educator is excited to announce that we now support Google's next generation of Analytics: Google Analytics 4, or GA4 for short, across all school websites. You can use this new platform to better understand how your constituents interact with your school over the web.

What is GA4?

Google describes the purpose of the new Google Analytics as a next-generation approach to “privacy-first” tracking. Using Google's advanced machine learning models, this new system can fill out data for website traffic and user behavior without relying on “hits” coming from every one of your pages. 
GA4 is built on the same platform as the “App + Web” system that they released in 2019. The App + Web version of Analytics was mainly focused on cross-channel data, meaning that it gave users a way to track users across apps, software and a website. The primary difference between the old system and GA4 is how data is tracked. Advanced AI can fill in the gaps where businesses weren't able to fill out their customer base due to new data collection laws. Many internet users can now opt-out of many forms of internet data collection, leaving a large gap in your school's ability to understand its constituents. 

How Will This Benefit Your School? 

Apps: Rather than just tracking website performance like the previous system, GA4 lets you track a website, an app or both a website and an app together. Collating data from both a website and an app in the same GA property makes data analysis more straightforward, saving your school time and money.
Simplified tracking: GA4 comes ready-made with a number of actions and events upon installation, saving you the hassle of setting them all up manually. Things like page views, conversions or cross-domain tracking come installed automatically. Keep track of your school's current and future constituents' web journeys with no coding required.
Create Stronger Ads: New AI tracking measures ensure stronger audiences for ad campaigns than ever before. Tracking across any device, website or app ensures that your school's ads will find users where they're most likely engage. 

Create a new GA4 property:

  1. Sign in to the Analytics account attached to your school website's existing property.
  2. Navigate to the Admin section.
  3. In the Account column, select the account in which you want to create the property.
  4. In the Property column, select the desired Universal Analytics (Old Google Analytics Account) property for your site.
  5. Select “Upgrade to GA4” and follow the prompts.

For additional information on setting GA4 up for your school's website, head here.


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