Purchase Order Status

The Purchase Order status advances according to the following requirements.  When editing a purchase order's line items, only the portion not already associated with AP Invoices can be edited.  When editing a PO line item that is partially allocated to AP invoices already, a new line item for the remainder is created.  The statuses are listed in their approximate chronological order.

Status PO Editing Requirements for Status
Pending Yes Initial status for all purchase orders.
Submitted For Approval Yes Some line items are awaiting approval by Budget Managers after the staff submits it for approval.
Approved Yes At least one line item is approved by the Budget Managers, and no other line items are waiting for approval.
Declined No All line items are disapproved by the Budget Managers.
Accepted Yes Finance officer accepts an Approved PO. Note: Only approved POs can be accepted.
Received Yes All line items are received.
Completed No further editing allowed. Voiding an invoice association resets the PO status allowing further editing of the line item. Status becomes Completed once all purchase order line items are associated with invoices, or it has been forced completed.

If an item is voided, the status is reset to Accepted or Received.
Canceled No further editing allowed Finance officer cancels the PO.

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