Reconciling Account Balances between Ledgers

A school may wish to migrate financial activity from their secondary ledgers to the general ledger. This will ensure that reports such trial balance, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, income statement etc. can reflect transactions from all ledgers in one place.

Schools can choose to migrate data to the primary ledger as often as they may need. If certain transactions have already been moved over, the migration process will ignore them the next time the school runs the migration function.

Note: In order to migrate data from one ledger to another, accounts linked to your financial activity must be associated with both ledgers.

Note: In order to migrate data from one ledger to another, transactions must be posted.

The migration functionality uses two methods to transfer transactions from one ledger to another.

1.  Deposits (including receipts) are migrated as parallel deposits in the general ledger except the customer receipts will be replaced by miscellaneous receipts in the general ledger. This is to ensure that receipts brought over from the secondary ledger do not affect the customer balance in the general ledger.

2.  Other transactions (Invoices, Credits, Journal Entries) are migrated as journal entries to the general ledger. One journal entry will be created for all transactions per day. So if a school migrates a 30 day period of data and each day as at least one transaction, the system will generate 30 journal entries.

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