Reconciling Deposits with Payment Gateway

The PCR Educator Finance system uses one of the customers selected Payment Gateways to process check and credit card payments electronically. Typically a Payment Gateway company deposits several receipts at once at a preselected time every day. You can specify the same time on the PCR Educator side as well so that the PCR Educator Finance system would also accumulate all receipts received within a day to the same deposit. However, at times your Payment Gateway company may postpone depositing some receipts which may create a discrepancy between the deposit recorded in PCR Educator Finance system and in your Payment Gateway.

Note: the system creates separate deposits for echecks and credit cards.

Below is the suggested process outlining the steps involved in reconciling deposits with payment gateway:

  1. On the PCR Educator side, make sure that the settlement time matches the selected settlement time for deposits in your Payment Gateway.
  2. Make sure to configure your (Re) Enrollment Contract and other applications that process payments not to post deposits automatically. 
  3. When a deposit appears in your payment gateway, locate the deposit in the PCR Educator Finance system by navigating to Finance>AR>Deposits and clicking on the Details. The system shows a list of all receipts which are included in the selected deposit. 
  4. Confirm that the list of receipts matches in both systems. In case when PCR Educator Finance system has receipts that are not shown on the Payment Gateway side, reassociate the erroneous receipts with a deposit in the future. Note: you can click on the receipt Id to navigate to the receipt dashboard. From there, click on Receipt Info heading to repoint the receipt to a new deposit.
  5. Once deposits match in both systems, check the deposited checkbox on the deposit details. The deposited indicator identifies that the receipts were deposited. Note: if you do not check the deposited indicator, the system will automatically check it for you when you post your deposit.
  6. You may now post your deposit. 

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