Recording Attribute - Individual

      1. Navigate to record's details.  Example: To record student attributes, go to Admin > Students > Details > Attributes.
      2. Select Attribute Category 
      3. Select Attribute 
      4. If creating a [Development] Contact Attributes:
            a. Select Begin and End Fiscal Years if applicable to identify the active period for the assigned attribute. Note: You can leave either of these dropdowns blank. Example: If a contact is a board member during certain years, specify both beginning and end years. However, if a contact is interested in golf, leave both years blank. 
            b. Select Contact Address (default), Primary or Secondary. This selector allows you to associate an attribute with the whole Contact or with specific individuals. Example: the whole family (Contact Address) may be marked as Parent. At the same time, such attributes as Staff, Alumni, or Board Member are typically associated with Primary or Secondary records on the account. 
      5. Depending on the selected Attribute Type, you can: 
            - add a note (Free Text)
            - select a date (Date)
            - enter an integer (Integer)
            - check off a box (Boolean)
            - select a value from a dropdown (Lookup).  Note: If the attribute allows custom text, you can enter a value not available in the dropdown.
      6. Click Add

To create an attribute or Calculated Attribute, follow the steps of Creating Attribute.
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