Recording Donations One-at-a-time

Go do Development > Contacts and search for the contact for whom you would like to record a donation.

Under the “Donation” column, click “New.”

- If you are recording a Pledge Payment against an existing pledge/matching donation, select an open pledge/matching donation from the first dropdown. It should automatically populate the next due amount.
- If you are recording a payment for another Contact's existing Pledge Donation, use the dropdown above Payment for Relation Donation From field and select the donation.  Then select the Contact indicator from the Payment for Relation Donation From dropdown. Note: a Contact can only pay another Contact's donation if both Contacts are associated through Contact Relationship.  Note: This feature is particularly useful when a Trust or a Foundation is making a payment against another Contact's pledge/matching Donation. - To create a gift, select the New Gift option from the dropdown and enter the gift amount.
- To create a pledge, select the Total Pledge Amount radio button and enter the total amount that the donor has pledged.
- To create a recurring pledge, select the Recurring Pledge Amount radio button and enter the recurring pledge amount that the donor will be charged each time as designated by the payment frequency in the next step.
- Enter donation details.
- Select an Event if this donation came as a result of an event such as a fundraiser.
- Select an Ask if this donation came as a result of an existing ask in the system.
- Select any Donation Attribute(s) that this donation should be linked to such as an appeal or an event ticket. Click Next.
- For a non-recurring pledge, in the Schedule Configuration screen, use the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly tabs to establish the frequency of the scheduled payments. Click Next. In the Schedule screen, make any manual adjustments to the due date and due amounts for one-time pledges. Click Next.
- For a recurring pledge, enter the starting date and frequency to determine when and how often the donor will be charged the recurring pledge amount.
- Allocate the donation amount to a campaign and fund. The total sum of allocation amounts should match the donation amount. Click Next.
- Select a payment method. The selected payment method serves as a default payment method for future pledge payments if you are recording a new Pledge or Matching donation. There are several payment options:
    a.) if your school enabled Customer Payment Profile and the selected donor already has any saved Customer Payment Profiles on file, you can choose one of them to process the payment via credit card or echeck. A saved payment profile will be indicated by “Credit Card ending in…” or “Echeck ending in…” description;
    b.) if your school enabled Customer Payment Profile, you can process the payment via credit card or echeck by selecting “New Echeck … “ or “New Credit Card …” options.
    c.) if you do not wish to process the payment and want to record that it was already received, you can select one of custom-defined payment method types (such as Check or Cash)
- Click Finish

You will now be directed to the Donation Dashboard which will provide a snapshot of the new donation.

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