Recording Donations in Bulk

- Go do Development > Contacts
- Select all contacts associated with new donations.
- Select “Batch Donation Entry” from one of the multi-action dropdowns.
- Specify batch defaults. These are the donation fields that will apply to all new donations. None of the batch default fields are required. 
- In the case when you want the system to use scheduled due date for any pledge payment as opposed to the specified default donation date, select “Scheduled” next to “Pledge Payment Date.”
- Click “Apply Defaults”
- The next screen lists all selected contacts with a corresponding record for a new donation. 
- In the case when a contact has a Pledge/Matching with an open balance, the system automatically assumes that the new entry will be a Pledge Payment. In this case, the system will preselect Pledge Payment type, donation alternate salutation, payment amount, campaign/fund and donation attributes.
- If you decide to record a new Gift, select “New Gift - …” in the first column and enter all donation fields.
- Click submit.

You will now be directed to the list of donations. 

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