Refunding Customer Receipt

Refunding Customer Receipts creates both the AR Refund Invoice and the AP Invoice in a single step. Once finished, follow the steps of  Writing Checks to create a check.  

1. To refund customer receipts, navigate to Finance - AR - Receipts and select the Refund multi-action.  You need the Finance AR Full role to access this multi-action.  Note: The multi-action is only applicable for the unallocated portion of customer receipts.  Fully allocated receipts, miscellaneous receipts, customer credits, and voided receipts are not eligible for a refund in this manner.

2. On the Setup step, specify the information that appears on the AR Refund Invoice and AP Invoice.
     Payment Terms is a shortlist of payment terms with exactly 1 due date in the schedule.  The chosen selection determines the payment term used for the AR Refund Invoice and the payment due date for the AP Invoice.

      Refund Product determines the product which appears on both the AR invoice and the AP invoice.  For products to appear as an option, the product must have the same account specified for both the Sale account and Purchase account.  Note: This account is the same as the Refund Payable account from the Refunding Customers article and nets to 0.

      Refund Date is used as the Issued Date for the AR Invoice and the Invoice Date / Post Date for the AP Invoice

      Customer / Vendor Memo appears for the AR Invoice customer memo, the AR Invoice line item note, the AP Invoice vendor memo, and the AP Invoice line item note.  Note: Specify the customer memo so that it indicates that the invoice is a Refund.

       Internal Memo appears for the AR Invoice internal memo and AP Invoice internal memo.  Note:  The AP Invoice internal memo is appended with a note indicating which customer receipt ids are included in the refund.

3. On the Details step, specify the Pay To name that is to appear on the check.  Note: The billing address for the customer is used as the pay to address for the AP invoice. Note: An AR invoice is created for each customer and student pairing from this step. Note:  An AP invoice is created for each customer and pay to name pairing from this step. Example: The Doe family has receipts for three students being refunded.  For the first two students, you specify the name John Doe.  For the third student, you specify Jane Doe.  Three AR refund invoices are created for each student.  Two AP invoices are created, one for John Doe and one for Jane Doe.  When checks are run, one check is created for John Doe and a separate check for Jane Doe.

4. The Summary step includes links to the AR Refund Invoices that are created and the AP Invoices that are created.  The invoices are pre-selected so that you may click on the corresponding link and perform multi-actions.  After this point, it is up to Finance AP to follow the process for Writing ChecksNote:  If you do not have Finance AP roles, then the AP Invoice link is not available.

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