Restricting CMS Page by DAT Filter

In CMS Portals, CMS Pages can be made visible or hidden based on a DAT Filter.  This method is particularly useful for restricting content to users that meet multifaceted criteria. To restrict CMS Page by DAT Filter:

- Follow Creating New DAT Filter instructions in the Administrative Module.
- Navigate to the desired CMS Page in the CMS Portal and click the “Content” link.
- Open the “Filter” tab on the right-side of the page, select the “Page” radio button, pick the DAT Filter, and click Save.  This CMS Page will now only be accessible to users that fit the DAT Filter criteria.

Note:  The combination of CMS Page roles, filters, published status along with the current user's authentication status affects CMS Sitemap Page Visibility.

Note: A DAT Filter is applied to a CMS Page or a CMS Widget through CMS DAT Filter Application
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