Saving DAT Filter

You can save a DAT Filter for your personal reuse, or to make it available to other users.  There are two ways you might reach the Save Filter screen.

1. Click Save on a DAT Filter popup window.  Note: You can replace an existing filter by choosing it from the dropdown on the Save screen.

2. Managing DAT Filter

For a saved filter, the following information is required:

Filter Name is the name of the filter as it will appear in the drop-downs. Filter names must be unique in the system. Note: Filters that you are not the author of, but have role access to use, will have an asterisk * at the end of the filter name in drop-downs.

All Divisions
determines if the filter will appear in other school divisions as an option in drop-downs.  If the filter has conditions specific to the current division, leave this unchecked.  Note: All Divisions must be checked for a saved filter to be available as an option when creating calculated attributes.

Roles determine which other users can see and use the filter.  Such users are able to add additional conditions or save their own copy of the DAT Filter. Note: Consider carefully before making a filter available to other user roles.  Fields are already restricted in terms of which roles can access them; however, if you create a filter based on those fields and specify roles - anyone with those roles is able to run your filter.
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