Score Entry Type Value

Score Entry Type Values determine which values are permitted for the score entry type.

Letter is a single option available in the radio button or dropdown. You will need to add each letter option that would appear in the radio button or drop down.
    - Single Value is the letter value as it will appear on reports.
    - Numeric Value is the minimum average for a student to receive this letter value.
    - MYP Comment is the comment which would be shown for an MYP letter option.

Number Range specifies the acceptable range and precision for a number to be entered.  This would only be added one time for any Score Entry Type.  
    - Min Value is the lowest value that can be entered.
    - Max Value is the highest value that can be entered.
    - # Decimals is the total number of decimals that can be entered.

Freeform: Anything may be written.

Note: You can have multiple Letter values and a Number Range for a single score entry type at the same time.  In this case, the primary grade would be a number grade while the letter grades would be variations on excused scores such as NG, P, F, EX.

Note: The maximum length of text permitted for a grade is 10 characters.  This would include any numbers typed in for a number grade and FreeForm text entry.

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