Score Type

Score type is the type of the score recorded on each section of an evaluation. 
Example:  You have created a scoring category SAT, then you add two Score Types: Scaled Score that uses Scaled Score Score Entry Type and Percentile that uses Percentile Score Entry Type

To configure Score Types, navigate to:
    - Admin > Maintenance > Score Types.  You need the Admin Full role to access this page.
    - Admissions > Evaluations > Score Types.  You need the Admissions Full role to access this page.

Score Type determines the scoring options for a scoring section on the evaluation.

Notes is a field available for your convenience.

Entry Type is the score entry type determining what kind of values are available to enter.

Example:  For each section of an SAT, you might want to record the total Score, as well as the Percentile the student falls in for each of Written, Verbal, Math, etc.  “Score” and “Percentile” are your score types.

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