Sending Notification - Combined

Phone Full role is required to send notifications from the Home screen. This method of sending notifications allows initiating email and text/voice notifications at the same time. It may be a preferred approach for immediate or urgent situations when it's desirable to quickly reach a large group of people. 

Follow the steps below: 

      1. Navigate to the Home screen
      2. From the Send to Filters dropdowns, select filters for records to whom you want to send notifications.
            a. Household DAT Filter is created in the Admin > Households screen.
            b. Student DAT Filter is created in the Admin > Students screen.
            c. Teacher DAT Filter is created in the Admin > Staff screen.  Note: The Teacher option sends emails to the email address associated with the Teacher's user account and sends voice/text messages to the office phone found in Admin > Staff > Details screen.  To send notifications to the staff's household record please follow Sending Notification to Staff..
      3. Select Send Options.  Note: If you select the “Voice - Pre-recorded Message” option, make sure to upload an .mp4 recording in the Message section.
      4. Select Email/Phone Types and/or Fields.  Note: Email/Phone Types and Fields are applicable to emergency contacts as well.  Example: If a household has emergency contacts with the “Mobile” phone specified and you select the “Mobile” type, then emergency contacts will also receive the message on that number.  If you may not wish to send notifications to emergency contacts, you may want to consider using Email/Phone Fields and select Parent-specific emails/phones only.
      5. Compose your message.  You may want to consider saving a template so that you can use it in the future.
      6. Select roles that are allowed to view notification analytics for the notification you are sending.

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