Sending Notification to Staff

Phone Full role is required to send text/voice notifications.  Actions Full role is required to send email notifications.

Basic information for staff such as staff name, employment status, and hired date resides on the staff record.  More in-depth information such as the home address, mobile number, personal email address, etc. lives in the staff's household record.

To send email notifications to staff's user email, you can navigate to Admin > Staff and use the Email option in the multi-action menu.  For more information, follow the steps of Sending Notification - Email.

To send text/voice notification to the staff's office phone (which resides on the staff record), you can follow the steps of Sending Notification - Combined and select a filter from the Teacher Filter dropdown.

In most cases, however, you may want to send voice/text/email notifications to Staff's personal info such as to their mobile number.  In that case, you will need to create a household person filter that pulls the staff information from their household record.  To create such a filter, follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to Admin > Persons and click the filter icon.
      2. Connect the Individual Contacts table to Users to the Teachers table.  In the Teachers table, you can add conditions based on employment status or any other field to filter for desired teachers.  Save the DAT Filter. Note: This filter only works for staff who have user accounts in the system.
      3. When you apply the filter, you will see appropriate records that fit the filter.  You can then select them and go to the multi-action > Text and Voice option to send the notification.  For more information about the Text and Voice option, review Sending Notification - Text and Voice.

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