Specifying Lunch Choice (CMS)

Lunch Choices for students may be specified in several ways:

1. The teacher may record the lunch choice while taking attendance.  The parent may specify the lunch choice in the Parent Portal.  Note: Parent selection is not configured by default.

To enable Lunch Choices when taking attendance, show the Lunch Choices column on the attendance widget.  Note: This option is usually only used for Homeroom attendance.

2. Teachers may record the lunch choice from the teacher portal outside of the attendance widget. To enable Lunch Choices separate from attendance, add the Course - Class Lunch Choices widget.  The widget allows for recording the student lunch choice and teacher lunch choice.

3. To enable parents to make Lunch Choices for their students, add the Students - Student Lunch Choice widget.  

Lunch Choice Start Time
is the earliest parents may make a lunch choice selection for today.

Lunch Choice End Time is the latest parents may make lunch choices for today.  Note: Set this time early enough so that the cafeteria can prepare meals for the day.

Max Days To Pre Schedule is how many days into the future that parents may make a lunch choice selection for their student.

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