Split Parents

The Split Parents function separates one household into two households. Each resulting household only has one parent. This feature is useful to record divorces.  To access this page, navigate to one of:
    - Admin > Households > Details > Split/Switch. You need Admin Full or Registrar Full roles to access these pages.  
    - Admissions > Households > Details > Split/Switch. You need the Admissions Full role to access this page. 
    - Development > Contacts > Details > Split/Switch. You need the Development Full role to access this page.  

Split Household creates a new household and migrates the Parent 2 information into Parent 1 of the new household.  Shared fields such as household name and address stay the same.  Records specifically associated with Parent 2 of the original household are changed to Parent 1 of the new household.  Example: Parent 2's donations and their user are changed to associate with parent 1 of the new household.  Note: Archived reports such as report cards only appear with the original household. The report cards are generated with the household's address at the time.  Note: All records not explicitly associated with Parent 2 remain with the original household.  You may wish to switch parents to keep address based giving with a particular parent.

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