Status/Substatus Calculation - Inquiry

Since inquiries may have different statuses and substatuses per school division and academic year, the inquiries' current statuses and substatuses are automatically calculated based on the current set of actions, division, and action academic years.

The status/substatus is calculated from the most recent action occurring on or before today for the action academic year.  An action scheduled for a future date does not affect the status/substatus of the inquiry until the date occurs.  The status/substatus further depends on which school divisions the action is associated with.

If an action that modifies the status/substatus of an inquiry record is deleted, the status/substatus is updated based on the most current status/substatus
modifying actions for that academic year.

Note: Unlike for Status/Substatus Calculation - Student, status/substatus is not inherited to the next academic year.  Each academic year is self-contained.  Further, the Anticipated Close Date has no bearing on the admissions status/substatus.

Note: If an Action's status or substatus is modified or if an Action is associated or disassociated with a School Division, it may take up to 24 hours for all statuses to recalculate.
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