Syncing Categories with Google Classroom

Google Classroom does not have a concept of categories. So there are two approaches that you can take to ensure successful integration:

1. Using Google Classroom Topics. Navigate to Admin>Maintenance>Google Classroom and click the ‘Sync Categories' button to push categories configured in PCR Educator to Google Classroom. 
Note: Teachers must enter default type for each category to enable successful integration.
Note: Teachers must be instructed to specify Topic for all assignments. Google Classroom Topics convert into PCR Educator categories. Empty Topics/Categories are not supported by PCR Educator.

2. Selecting a single PCR Educator's Category as the default for any assignment from google classroom. Example: you have coursework and exams in PCR Educator. You mark coursework with a default type and leave all other categories (exams in this case) without default categories. Then, because there is only one category with a default type (coursework), any google assignment will go to coursework category. Note: when using this method you never sync categories between PCR Educator and Google.

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