Syncing Students with Google Classroom

Navigate to Admin>Maintenance>Google Classroom and click the ‘Sync Students' button to connect students to their courses in Google Classroom.

PCR Educator connects students  from the current scheduling year and selected division to their courses in Google Classroom when all these conditions are met:

- Students in PCR Educator belong to current year sections within the selected division and these sections are already available in Google Classroom  
- Each student in PCR Educator has exactly one valid user account with  an email address matching the Google account
- Students in PCR Educator belong to sections that are currently active. Active course sections need to be associated with a current Term (Trimester or Semester). The current term should have its attendance begin date be today or earlier and its end date to be today to later.
Note: when using the manual sync (i.e. clicking the Sync Students button), the system will sync students up to one month before the beginning of the term. Example: your first day of school is September 1. If you try to sync students in July by clicking Sync Students button, the system will not sync them. However, it will sync them if you clicked the same button on any day after August 1.

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