Tax Receipt Record (Development)

Tax receipts provide a donor with a record of their itemized gifts and pledge payments so that they can claim these charitable deductions on their federal income tax returns. PCR Educator provides functionality to generate these tax receipts and create documents directly from the Development module.  

Tax Receipt Options:
Each Payment Each Payment in a Period Each Donor in a Period
Options Send out a Tax Receipt for each payment (Gift or Pledge Payment) you receive Send out a Tax Receipt for each gift/pledge payment, within a certain period Send out Tax Receipt for each donor within a certain period (a half of a year, a whole year, or a different length of time that your school chooses).
Example: A donor has made a gift for $100 in February, and pledge for $500. For the pledge, you have received $100 pledge payments in March, May, and July, with pending $100 payments not yet received in September and November. If you send out a tax receipt for each payment you received, the donor receives 4 different tax receipts (Feb, March, May, and July payments). The Payment Id can be used as the tax receipt number. If your school wants to send a tax receipt from January 1, through June 30 (first half of the year), the donor receives three tax receipts. One for the gift in February for $100 and one for each pledge payment in March and May for $100 each. If tax receipts are generated for dates January 1 through June 30, the donor receives one tax receipt of $300 for the selected date range.

Note: It is recommended to post donations before generating tax receipts.

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