Troubleshooting Parent Teacher Conferences

If Parent Teacher Conferences are not showing for parents, please check the following:

- Are the Parent Teacher Conference Registration Dates open in Marking Period Info?  In particular, make sure the years are correct.  Also, don't forget to click Save!
- Make sure the Parent Teacher Conf checkbox is checked for the Course.
- Have you set up Parent Teacher Conferences for a future date?  Configuring Parent Teacher Conferences is necessary for each Term that Parent Teacher Conferences are held.
- Do the parents have a student enrolled in a course section taught by a teacher eligible for Parent Teacher Conferences?  The course section must have a teacher, the course must be eligible for Parent Teacher Conferences, and the student must be enrolled in the section.
- Does the student belong to the school division where the conferences are created? Review Student by Division to understand how students are associated with divisions.
- Are there settings you need to change on the portal?  Please review Configuring Parent Portal for Parent Teacher Conferences

If Parent-Teacher Conferences are not being generated for the selected teacher, please check the following:
- Does this teacher already have conferences at the same time? It is not possible to have overlapping conferences or two conferences at the same time for the same teacher.

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