Updating (Re) Enrollment Contract Year to Year

PCR Educator sends out new links for the (Re) Enrollment Contract Year to Year based on the previous year (Re) Enrollment Contract.  When updating your (Re) Enrollment Contract Year to Year:

    - Confirm that the Last Application Date and Electronic Signature in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Application Setup is correct. 

    - Confirm that the Invoice for Date, Invoice Customer Memo, and Invoice Attribute is updated in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Invoice / Payment Setup with appropriate dates and years.

    - Review each (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile for any dates which may need to be updated.  

    - Review all email templates used in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Confirmation Email Setup for dates which may need to be updated.  

    - Review all downloadable files for dates which may need to be updated.  Downloadable files may appear as links in the email template body, as an attachment on the email template, or as links in instructions.

    - Review tuition products to ensure the tuition amounts for the next year are correct.

    - Review (Re) Enrollment Contract Profile filters for any filters referencing hard-coded years.

    - Update the widget properties for the Single Sign On (SSO) widget if you are using the SSO widget on your CMS portals to passthrough to (Re) Enrollment Contracts or Forms.
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