User Profile

The user profile determines which record in PCR Educator the user is granted access to. Note:  While rare, a user is not required to be associated with a record in the user profile.  For the most part, every user will have a Student, Household, or Staff association.  Note: Multiple users can be associated with the same record.  This usually only occurs for testing purposes.  Example: Testing (Re) Enrollment Contract.

Full Name is a name for your convenience.  Since many usernames are an email address or otherwise incomprehensible, this name provides clarity regarding who the user is.

Alternate Id is typically used for imports or synching with other systems.

Staff is the staff record the user has access to.

Household is the household record that the user has access to.

Household Indicator
is the individual contact within the household the user has access to.  Note: This must be accurately specified for Web Services to operate correctly.

Student is the student record the user has access to.

Note:  Student users should only have a Student record associated.  Do not associate a student user with a Household or Staff record.

Note:  Picking a Staff record limits the available Household record options.  Similarly, picking a Household record limits the available Staff record options.  This ensures that only the household associated with the staff member is assigned and vice versa.  If you pick either Staff or Household and the corresponding record is not available then either the Staff record is not associated with a household, or they are associated with a wrong household.  You might need to use the merge households multi-action to combine a staff and parent household into one household record.

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