A user is a record that consists of a username and password combination along with roles and associations which grant or limiting access to records and portals.  Note: A user is not the parent, student, or staff record itself, but grants access to the parent, student, or staff record.  Potentially, multiple users can be tied to the same record.  Example: A parent user is able to access the Parent Portal and view their student's records.

Username is synonymous with login.  The username and password are used to authenticate a person wanting to access the system.

Email is an email address unique to the user and is used for resetting passwords or for user-based emails.  Note: Resetting forgotten passwords may be performed via searching by username or email address; therefore, a user email should be unique.  Note:  The user email address is available only for User email.  If the user wants to receive general emails to the same email address, the email should also be included in the User Profile record's email.

Approved determines whether a user may log in.  Note:  Approval is only confirmed during the login.  Unapproving a user after they are already logged in does not force the user to be logged out.  Example:  You may choose to unapprove a Parent user if they are severely delinquent on their payments.  Example:  Instead of deleting a former staff user, you may opt to unapprove the user until you are confident that you will not need access to any of their DAT queries or reports.

Locked indicates that the user had too many unsuccessful password attempts in a row.  After five failed attempts, the user is locked.  Note: If a user chooses to reset their password, the user is unlocked automatically during the reset process.

Ledgers determine which ledgers a user has access to.  Note: Only users with access to Finance should have ledgers associated.

Roles grant access to different pages and functions.  The Roles Dictionary has details about individual roles.  Note:  Additional roles may be created in the CMS Website.  Note: Some roles are automatically calculated for a user and are not assigned manually. 
Calculated Role Criteria
Student User is attached to student with a status of Enrolled for the current year
Parent User is attached to a household which is attached with a relationship of Parent to a student with a status of Enrolled for the current year
Applicant User is attached to a household which is attached with a relationship of Parent to an admissions inquiry/applicant record with a status unequal to Copied
Admissions Evaluator User is assigned as an evaluator for at least one inquiry/applicant record
Student/Household/Donor Attribute as role If the attribute is assigned to a corresponding record attached to the user, the attribute will appear as a Role for the user. Note: Attribute roles are applicable to CMS Website Content Types only. If a year is specified with the attribute, the content type will be restrictable by roles with that year.

Schools determine which school divisions the user has access to.  Note: Only school staff users should have schools associated.  Parents and Students should not have schools associated unless they are also school staff.

User Profile determines which record in the system the user is associated with.

Note: Users should be cleaned up regularly - particularly when they involve staff turnover.  Users can be removed without losing most information including grades or households.  Note:  An important exception includes DAT queries and DAT filters becoming inaccessible once a user is removed.  Before removing a staff user, make sure to save a copy of any important DAT queries and DAT filters the school will need for reference in the future.  Note: When a staff member leaves the school, consider completely removing the school user.  If they are still associated with the school as a parent, they should use a regular parent user - without any Ledgers or Schools and with limited Roles.

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