Why is my report card blank when I run a report card pdf?

There are several possibilities for why a report card pdf is blank.

- The most common reason a specific student's report card is blank is because they do not have any Parent households with Send Mail checked.  Report cards are generated with an address to send to a specific household.  If there are no send mail households, the report card will have no data. 

- Are you running the correct report?  Courses have a Report Card Type associated with them. If the wrong type of report is being run, then courses won't show up. And since the student likely has all the same type of courses, the student won't have anything to print. Note: If a particular course is not showing up on the report card, make sure that the Report Card Type is specified for that course.

-  Are you running the report from the wrong division?  Report cards are based on courses, which are division specific. If you run it from the admissions division, you will get no data.

- Does the student have any marks or student comments?  Report cards will only print if there is a student comment or mark.  A course comment alone is not sufficient for a report card to print.  This situation could occur if teachers haven't entered comments yet, and if the registrar hasn't used the Calculate Official Marks function to pull the marks (not all schools use the calculate function).  Note: If a particular course isn't showing up for students, check to ensure that the course has Mark Type Headings associated.

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