Why is there is extra space between paragraphs on the PDF version of my (Re) Enrollment Contract?

Repeat these steps for each control:
1. Cut the text out of the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control in the (Re) Enrollment Contract application.
2. Paste the text into Word (for reference).
3. Paste the text into Notepad.
4. Save the control so that the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control is blank.
5. Copy the text in Notepad.
6. Paste the text into the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control.
7. Make all font style changes in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control.
8. Save the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control.

The purpose of these steps is to ensure that no additional hidden markup is included due to the text being pasted from Word or another application.  All styling of the text must be made in the (Re) Enrollment Contract Control editor.
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