Adding/Removing Page to Site Map through CMS Widget

When you create a node on a CMS Site Map, you have an option to enable the Dynamic Data Source property. Note: This property is only relevant for dashboard-type pages which contain multiple widgets. 
When Dynamic Data Source property is enabled, the current node generates child nodes corresponding to all the subpages within that node are automatically added to the site map based on the Navigate URL property on the CMS Widgets that are present on the Profile Container of the page that the node is associated with. Example: The Student Profile page normally has attendance, discipline, and schedule widgets. If the widgets are linked to the corresponding pages through the Navigate URL property, they will appear on the left menu.

Similarly, to remove a page from a Site Map through a CMS Widget, simply clear out the Navigate URL property on the widget.  For more information, see CMS Widget - Standard Properties.

Note: For other methods of adding/removing pages from CMS - Site Map, please review Adding/Removing Page to Site Map.
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