Admissions Checklist Action

The Admissions Checklist Actions are actions which appear for the inquiries who qualify for the Admissions Checklist.  To add or change actions for an Admissions Checklist, navigate to Admissions > Maintenance > Checklist Actions.  You need the Admissions Full role to access this page.

Checklist is the current Admissions Checklist you want to modify.

Action Order determines the order that the actions appear on an Admissions Checklist when the selected sort order is set to Action Order (as opposed to the default one which is by Date).  Note: If an inquiry qualifies for many Admissions Checklists, then the actions may be mixed together if some actions have the same order in different Admissions Checklists.

Hide From Checklists allows an action to be associated with the Admissions Checklist, but not be shown on the checklist or on the Notification Trigger - Inquiry Missing Actions template.  Example: This is used for actions like an optional Open House event.  An Open House action must be associated with an Admissions Checklist in order for the action to be an option for parents of inquiries on the CMS Apply Online.  The action would have the “Parent” role and be hidden from the admissions checklist.

Previous Action works in conjunction with Action Due In ___ Day(s) to automatically apply the action once the previous action is recorded. Note: The previous action must be completed before this action is automatically scheduled.  Example: You want to automatically send a follow-up email 10 days after a parent inquires.  You could set up an “Inquiry Follow-up Email” action with a suitable email template, and specify that this action's Previous Action as the Inquiry Received action and the Action Due In ___ Day(s) is 10.  Note: An action that is added through an Enrollment Profile will not trigger the checklist.  For example, if Action A is configured to be due 3 days after Action B and if Action B is added through an Enrollment Profile, it will not trigger Action A.

Required # is the number of required selected actions for the selected checklist. This setting is typically used for Evaluation actions determining how many actions of that type must be completed for the inquiry.  Example: You have an Applicant Interview action.  Each applicant is interviewed twice.  Specify the Required # as 2, and the Admissions Checklist shows two instances of the action to be filled out.

Note: Actions may appear in more than one Admissions Checklist.  If an action appears in more than 1 checklist, and the Required # is 1 in all associated checklists, the action only needs to be completed once to satisfy each checklist.

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