AP Invoice

AP Invoice represents a request for received payment for products and services. AP invoices might represent a bill for ongoing services, or they can be based on purchase orders for specific items and services.  To access AP Invoices navigate to Finance - AP - Invoices.  You will need FinanceAP Full or FinanceAP Read roles to access this page.

Invoice Date is the date as it appears on the invoice.  When entering an invoice for a vendor with a Payment Term, this date will be used to calculate the Due Date.  

Due Date controls when the invoice is shown as due.  Note: You can specify this date according to when you want to pay this invoice rather than when the vendor says the invoice is due.

Post Date controls the ledger transaction date.  This date is also used for vendor balance calculations.  

Posted Date is the date when an invoice was posted to the ledger. This date represents the actual date when the post button was clicked as opposed to Post Date which represents the date when the invoice is recognized in the ledger. Example:  The current date and time is 1/1/2020 2:08pm.  The Post Date specified on the invoice is 2/2/2020.  When you click the button to post the invoice, the invoice will have the Post Date in the ledger as 2/2/2020 while the Posted Date would be 1/1/2020 2:08pm.

Voided Date is the date that the invoice appears as voided in the ledger.

Entered Date is the date and time that the invoice was entered into the system. This date is not controlled by users, but is automatically recorded by the system.

Pay to Name is the name that will appear on the AP Payment such as a printed check. Users can select from the vendor's  Pay To Name (default, specified on the vendor record), Vendor name, associated Contact 1 or Contact 2 names. Note: Pay to Name specified on the invoice carries over to the check unless overwritten. Example: if a vendor represents a staff household where both Contact 1 and Contact 2 are staff at your school, you will select Contact 1 name for Contact 1, and Contact 2 for Contact 2.

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