Auto-Pay (Finance)
Auto-Pay is run manually or automatically in Finance.  Note: Configuring Stored Payment Types may be necessary.  Automatic Auto-Pay payments are processed overnight.

To manually run Auto-Pay, you need the FinanceAR Full role. Navigate to Finance > AR > Customer Invoices and select the invoices to run Auto-Pay for, then use the Auto-Pay multi-action.  
1) On the “defaults” step, confirm the auto-pay information.  Auto-Pay Configuration (Finance) has additional details about the fields and their usage on this page.
Note:  All selected invoices must have customers which share a Payment Configuration for the same Stored Payment Type and Payment Method (Credit Card or ECheck).  If there is an invoice with a customers only having a different or no Customer Stored Payment Information, then auto-pay cannot be run for that set of invoices.  Example:  Most customers have Credit Card but one customer has ECheck.  The invoices for the customer with Echeck must be processed in a separate auto-pay run.
Note: If there is no Auto-Pay Configuration (Finance) with an Auto-Pay Configuration Type of “Manual” matching the Stored Customer Payment Information for the selected invoices, then a default configuration is used.  The default configuration does not store default values for any of the setup fields.
2) The “review invoice” step provides the opportunity to review the invoices which are being charged, and exclude individual invoices at this time by unchecking the checkbox.
3) The “process payments” step shows a summary of every payment which will be made.  The “Amount” is the total of the invoice amounts to be paid.  The “Fee” is the convenience fee which will be invoiced, if applicable.  The “Total” is the actual amount which will be processed and is the sum of the Amount and Fee.
4) Press the submit button to begin processing the payments.  Note:  The processing of payments may be a long running process as each payment request needs to be submitted to the Payment Processor and the result returned to PCR Educator.

Whether the Auto-Pay is run manually or automatically, after the payments are processed, review the Auto-Pay Results (Finance) to see if there were any unprocessed items.
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