Campus Basic Webinar 2022 - Part 1

This article is an index with timestamps for the topics covered in the following webinar:
Campus - Basic Webinar 2022 - Part 1

1. Intro - If you have questions, suggestions, or comments please email them to
2. Home Page
    a. Recent Updates
    b. Update Account Information
    c. History of Updates
    d. Help Documents
    e. Bookmark Links
    f. Support Link to the Ticket System
        i. Live Chat
        ii. Email/Call Support
    g. Knowledge Base and Recent Articles
    h. Switching Finance Ledgers, School Divisions, and Scheduling School Year
3. Admin > Students
    a. Searching for Records
    b. Sorting
    c. Customizing
    d. "All Divisions"
    e. "Include All"
    f. Exporting Data
    g. Selecting Multiple Records
    h. Multi-actions
    i. Links and Popout Links
    j. Dashboards
        i. Adding Dashboards
        ii. Customizing Dashboards
        iii. Exporting Widgets
        iv. Renaming Widgets
    k. Switching Between Records
    l. "Selected Only" Checkbox
    m. Selecting / Unselecting All Records
    n. Record Details
    o. Navigating from Dashboard to Details
    q. Navigating from Details to Dashboard
4. Email
    a. "One Email per Student Household Combination"
    b. "One Email per Student"
    c. Email Fields and Types
    d. Editing Email Type Dropdown Options
    e. Other Email Fields
    f. Email Job Type
    g. Email Action Type
    h. Email Templates
    i. Add Email Fields
    j. Email Example
    k. Preview Email
    l. Test Email
    m. Schedule Email
    n. Merge Fields into Sender Email
    o. Save and Load Email Templates
    p. Send Email
    q. Review Sent Emails

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