CMS Page Details

- Title - name of the page
- Description is used for entering keywords for the purposes of SEO
- An appropriate Template must be selected for your page.  See CMS Template for more info. Example: If you are creating a page that will reside in the Parent Portal and should have a dropdown to select a student record, then you must select the template PP w Student Selector.  
- Previous Page is used for navigation. It should be set to the page that users will be directed from to the current page.
- Unauthenticated Url determines the login page for your page.  Note: If your Template already has an Unauthenticated Url specified and you want to keep the same for your current page, then select the Template radio button.  Otherwise, select the appropriate page for Unauthenticated Url.  Example: The Unauthenticated Url page for the Parent Portal will be the Parent Portal Login page.
- Published checkbox determines if the page is accessible to non-admin users.  If a page is not used, it must be unpublished or deleted.
- Action to PDF is used for Forms.  If a Student Action is specified, then the system will generate a pdf of the page when Forms are submitted.  Note: If you would not like your Forms pages to generate a pdf, set the Action to PDF value to “Skip PDF Generation.”

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