CMS Widget - Menu

The menu widget is used for navigation on CMS Portal.  The menu is read from the associated site map.

Auto Sort Menu automatically sorts site map items in alphabetical order.

Inquiry or Student setting determines whether to use inquiry or Student record for Track Completion setting.
-- Use  “Inquiry” for inquiry/applicant forms.  
-- Use “Student” for student forms.  
-- Otherwise, “None” must be selected.

Site Map Node Options control the visibility of the menu items
-- Hide Nodes if Current Page Not Found hides the menu if the current page or the previous page is not in the site map.
-- Hide Nodes if Current Page Not On Menu hides the menu if only the current page is not on the site map.
-- Show Nodes if Current Page Not Found shows the menu even if the current page is not on the site map.

Site Map Provider determines the site map that is used to populate the menu.  The Starting Level determines the highest level node to show on the menu and the Levels determines how many levels of nodes are shown. The Levels setting should be set to 1 unless you have a custom website that supports multiple levels.  Note: The highest node begins at level 0.

Track Completion setting allows tracking completed pages (usually represented by a checkmark next to the page name). This setting is only applicable for specialized menus used in various forms such as Annual Forms or Application Online. Enabling this property will add a checkmark on the page when a user saves the page. Note: you must select Inquiry r Student to determine which type of record is used.

When pages are saved through the Track Completion property, they are marked with a Track TagTrack Tag must be updated each year in the Forms menu to reset page tracking from the previous year.  Example: You may set Track Tag for 2021 forms to “Forms 2021” and then update it the following year to “Forms 2022”.

Use Smart Menu setting is used in combination with Track Completion to prevent users from accessing the next page until the current page is saved. 

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