CMS Widget

CMS Widget is a building element of any CMS page. Content and functionality of CMS pages are defined through CMS widgets. Anything you want your page to do, you do it with a widget. Following are examples of how widgets define the content and functionality of pages in PCR Educator:

  - To display text on your page, you use the CMS Text widget.
  - To display news on your page, you use the News widget.
  - To display a menu on your page, you use the Navigation widget.

Note: All CMS Widgets have a set of CMS Widget - Standard Properties
Note: CMS pages are containers where you add the content and the functionality using widgets.

Please follow the steps in Adding CMS Widget to add a new widget.

Here is an index of articles for CMS Widgets:

CMS Widget - Inquiry/Student Action
CMS Widget - Simple Report Runner
CMS Widget - Menu
CMS Widget - Parent/Student Attendance Entry 
CMS Widget - Report Runner
CMS Widget - Sign up Summary
CMS Widget - Simple Report Runner

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