Configuring Admissions Event

Configure Admissions Events by using the New Events wizard.

1) Choose the Admissions Event Category from the dropdown at the top.

2) Specify how often the events should be created.  Note: The numbers refer to an interval whether you pick “Days” or a particular day of the week.  Example: If you pick “2nd” and “Tuesday” this creates meetings every other Tuesday within your date range.  If you pick “3rd” and “Day”, this creates meetings every 3 days within your date range.

3) Specify the range of dates for the events.

4) Specify the range of times for the events on each day.

5) Specify the length of time in minutes that a single event meets for.

6)  Specify the interval of time in minutes between each event.  Note:  This is a gap of time between each event to allow for clean or other preparation for the next set of attendees.

7) Specify the capacity for the events.

8) Click the “Schedule” button to schedule the events.  Events are created according to your specifications.

You may edit or delete individual events once they are created.  Note:  You are able to create multiple events to meet for the same dates and times or for overlapping times.

Note: You may want to run the New Events wizard multiple times if the events meet for different intervals.  Example:  Suppose you have an event that runs M-F over a 1 month span between 10am and 2pm.  For most of those days, the event meeting times are 1 hour long.  However, on Wednesday and Friday, it is 45 minutes long and only runs until 1pm.  In this case, schedule the following in the wizard:
    - Every 1st Monday, 10am to 2pm, length 60
    - Every 1st Tuesday, 10am to 2pm, length 60
    - Every 1st Thursday, 10am to 2pm, length 60
    - Every 1st Wednesday, 10am to 5pm, length 45
    - Every 1st Friday, 10am to 5pm, length 45
The result has 4 meeting times each Monday, Tuesday,  and Thursday of the month, and 6 meeting times each Wednesday and Friday of the month.  No meeting times are scheduled on the weekends.
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