Creating Moves Management Track

Development Full role is required to create a Moves Management Track.

      1. Navigate to Development > Maintenance > Track Setup.
      2. Populate Track information.
            a. Enter Action Track Name.
            b. Select Entity Type.
                  i. Donor refers to a track that is assigned directly to the Contact.  The purpose of such a track is to gauge interest for a commitment that does not result in a donation such as for a contact's interest in volunteering.
                  ii. DonorAsk refers to a track that is assigned to an Ask.  The purpose of such a track is to solicit a donation.
            c. Initial Action is the action that starts the track.  Example: “Major Donor Track Started .”
      3. Click Add New.
      4. Next to the new Track, click Update.
      5. Specify the rest of the actions to finish the track.
            a. Previous Action refers to the action prior to the one you are adding.
            b. Action Due In refers to how many days after the Previous Action is the new one assigned.
            c. Repeat checkbox refers to an action that is repeated multiple times i.e. loop action.  Example: A phone call action may be repeated if the Contact does not answer the first time.

Review a Sample Ask Moves Management Track to get an idea about possible tasks and processes.

Note: To assign a record to a new track, follow the steps of Assigning Moves Management. Track.
Note: To manage a track, follow the steps of Managing Moves Management Track.
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