DAT Save - Step 6

This step allows you to save your query so that it can be reused at a later time.

Note: The description box is pre-populated with a description of your query based on the fields and conditions you've added.  You may choose to provide a new description.

Note: If you change your DAT Query, the description is re-calculated based on those changes.  You will need to specify your custom description again if desired.

The query roles determine which other users are able to see the query.  Anyone with one of the specified roles is able to run the query.

Note: Only the author of the query may save any changes to the query.  However, anyone with roles to access to the query may make changes and save their own new version of the query.

Note: Consider carefully before making a query available to other user roles.  DAT Display Fields are already restricted in terms of which roles can access them when building a DAT Query; however, if you create a query based on those fields and specify different roles for the query as a whole - anyone with the roles to access the query will be able to see all the data on the query result, including fields they might not normally have access to.

If you are the owner of the query, you will have the option to “Update” the query.  This will save over the current query.

The option to “Save New” which will create a new copy of the query with any changes you have made.

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