End of School Year Checklist

At the end of the school year, remember to check the following.  Note: Use the Closing the School Year to close the academic year for the school.  Note: The Closing the School Year Review Post-Close Checklist has additional items for the new school year.

For Admin:

    - Associating Mark Type Headings to Courses for any new courses.

For Admissions:

    - Check the admissions academic year in School Info
    - Check the Apply Online Academic Years for your Inquiry/Apply Online
    - Follow Advancing Admissions Records for the next admissions year if applicable.

For Development:

   - Check the campaigns.  Make sure you have the next year Annual Fund created if applicable.  Note: Development fiscal years are independent of the school year and do not get updated through this Close of the Year Process.  This is only a reminder.  Annual Fund campaigns may be created at any time.
    - Run the Alumni Wizard for graduating students.
    - Update the campaigns/products available for online donations.

For CMS Forms:

    - On the student selection page, change “Use Next Academic Year” property to No.

For Summer Camps:

    - Add "Graduated - Summer" or "Withdrew - Summer" actions to all students.  This clears the summer student list in preparation for the next year. Note: Set up these actions to change the status in the summer division only.
    - Disable the Select Student and New Student pages by limiting them to users with the Website Full role.  This prevents new signups for the summer division until the next summer year is prepared.

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