A fund is a specific financial purpose of a gift. A fund identifies how to track donations for financial purposes. Funds are key to donations management. Because funds are so closely linked with donations, the Fund field is required when you enter donations. If necessary, you can allocate the same donation to different funds. PCR Educator allows a school to link Funds to General Ledger accounts. Once this mapping is established, the system allows for a seamless integration of Fundraising and Finance module by automatically distributing credits and debits for selected accounts in General Ledger.

Note: If your school has an Annual Campaign, you will contact people to donate money for the year. The donors may not care what their donations are spent on, so they want their funds to go into an unrestricted fund, which means the school can spend the money wherever it is needed. However, the donor could specify a particular fund that they would like to donate to, such as the Physical Education Fund or the Library Fund.

Note: If your school is not interested in using different funds, you must create an unrestricted fund (Create a new fund and name it unrestricted) and associate it with all of your campaigns.

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