Importing New Records - Inquiries and Actions

Follow the steps for Importing New Records.
Field Required Type Sample Values Notes
Inquiry_Id No Key ID Field "1234" If one row has this column populated, all rows must have this column populated
Academic_Year Yes Datasource Data "20212022"  
Inquiry_Last_Name Yes Data "Smith"  
Inquiry_First_Name Yes Data "John"  
Inquiry_Middle_Name No Data "Kipp"  
Inquiry_Preferred_Name No Data "Johnny"  
Birthdate Yes Data "1/1/2000"  
Birthplace No Data "Anytown, USA"  
Sex Yes Datasource data "Male" This field is named "Sex" in the import but displays as "Gender" in the database.
Personal_Pronoun_Id  No Identifier   "1" Create a DAT query to identify the id values.
Lookup_Personal_Pronoun  No Lookup   "He" The lookup will check across subject, object, and possessive pronoun values to find a match.
Citizen_Of No Datasource data "Canada"  
Native_Lang No Datasource data "English"  
Ethnic_Group No Datasource data "Asian"  
Phone No Data "123-456-7890"  
Email No Data ""  
Current_School No Datasource data "Lincoln High School"  
Inquiry_Source No Datasource data "Facebook"  
Current_Parish No Datasource data "St Marys"  
Legacy_Code No Datasource data "Parent"  
Day_Or_Boarding No Datasource data "Day"  
ESL_Yes_or_No No Datasource data "Y" or "N"  
International_Yes_or_No Yes Datasource data "Y" or "N"  
Financial_Aid_Yes_Or_No No Datasource data "Y" or "N"  
Religion No Datasource data "Catholic"  
Additional_Testing_Yes_No No Datasource data "Y" or "N"  
Academic_Support_Yes_No No Datasource data "Y" or "N"  
Inquiry_Suffix No Data "Jr."  
preferred_student_id No Data "12345"  
campus No Datasource data "Main"  
applying_grade_level_id Required if Applying_For_Grade not populated Identifier "2" See Grade Level for more info
applying_for_grade Required if Applying_Grade_Level_ID not populated Lookup "K"  
current_grade_level_id No Identifier "1"  
current_grade No Lookup "PK"  
primary_household_id Yes Identifier "12345" Connects the inquiry record to an already existing household as their Primary Parent household. 

For adult inquiries, this household will represent inquiries themselves (their address, contact information) as opposed to their parents.
primary_household_relationship Yes Datasource  "Parent", "Self" Only the two sample values are permitted.
secondary_household_id No Identifier "12345" Connects the inquiry record to an already existing household as their Secondary Parent household.
secondary_household_relationship Required if the secondary household is specified  Datasource "Parent", "Grandparent", "Self" Only the three sample values are permitted.
billing_household_id Yes Identifier "12345" Connects the inquiry record to an already existing household as their Billing household.

Note: The billing household id must match primary or secondary household id
Action1_Description No Lookup "Inquiry"  
Action1_Type_Id No Key ID Field "12"  
Action1_Academic_Year Yes if Action1_Description or Action1_Type_ID are entered Datasource Data "20212022"  
Action1_Date Yes if Action1_Description or Action1_Type_ID are entered Data "1/24/2020"  
Action1_Applying_Grade_Level_Id Yes if Action1_Description or Action1_Type_ID are entered and Action1_Applying_For_Grade is blank. Identifier "1"  
Action1_Applying_For_Grade Yes if Action1_Description or Action1_Type_ID are entered and Action1_Applying_Grade_Level_Id is blank. Datasource Data "PK"  
Action1_Comment No Data "Contacted via phone"

Note: Action1_Description, Action1_Type_Id, Action1_Academic_Year, Action1_Date, Action1_Applying_Grade_Level_Id, Action1_Applying_For_Grade, and Action1_Comment columns are repeated for a total of 10 times so that multiple actions can be added to the inquiries on import.

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