Mark Type Marking Period

Mark Type Marking Period details provide means to record a configuration specific to each marking period. 

MP is the marking period.  Check off which marking period the mark type is applicable to.  For Semester based schools, Exam, Term, and Final Exam grades are only valid in marking periods 2 and 4, and  Final grades are only valid in marking period 4.

Weight is the weight for the mark type in that marking period.  

Calculation Type determines how the grade is calculated.  The options available are different for different Grade Type.  Every grade that is used as the basis for calculating another grade has a Reported Mark and an Average.  The Reported Mark may be a letter or a number, while the Average is always a number.  Depending on the Calculation Type involved, grades may be calculated on this Average or based on the average as it currently exists in the grade book.

    - Teacher Entered/Not Calculated means that nothing is calculated and the teacher must enter the grade.  

    - Current Gradebook means that the average is calculated for the current grade book grade.  

    - Average of Course Work and Exams calculates the grade based on the Average specified for the corresponding reported mark.  

    - Current Gradebook and Exams calculates the grade based on the current gradebook average and the exam average.  

    - Average of Terms and Final Exams calculates based on the reported averages.  

    - Current Gradebook and Final Exams calculates the grade based on the current gradebook average and exam average.  

    - Category MYP calculates an MYP grade for a category of the same name.  Courses with such a mark type are forced to have a category of the same name, with weight and assessment possible points matching the weight for the Mark Type.  

    - Reported Category MYP calculates the grade for the course according to the MYP Conversion Chart from the MYP categories.  

BC Trax Type determines if and how the grade is reported for to the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

BC Trax Month specifies what month is reported to the BC Ministry for the BC Trax Type.

Note: For CRS and XAM exports, the BC Trax Month is reported  as follows:
    - If there is an override on the student course, that month is reported.
    - If there is a month specified for a mark type associated with the course section and that course section meets for the mark type's marking period, then the month associated with the mark type is reported.  Note: In the case of multiple associated mark types with months, the largest integer month will be reported.
    - If there is a month on the course, that month is reported.
    - If no month is specified, then 6 is reported for the month.

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