Merge Household Multi-action

Merge Household Multi-action
The Merge Household multi-action merges two household records resulting in only one household.  You need either Admin Full, Admissions Full, or Development Full roles to perform the multi-action.  To begin the multi-action:
1) Navigate to one of the following screens:
    - Admin > Households.  You need the Admin or Registrar roles to access this page.
    - Admissions > Households.  You need Admissions roles to access this page.
    - Development > Contacts.  You need Development roles to access this page.
    - Fin Aid > Households.  
    - Finance > Customers.  You need FinanceAR roles to access this page.
    - Finance > Vendors.  You need FinanceAP roles to access this page.
    - Health > Households.
2) Select 2 records.  Note: You must select exactly 2 records.  You can only merge 2 records at a time.
3) Choose the “Merge Households” multi-action option.

The “Switch Ids” button allows you to switch which household id you want to keep.  The default behavior is to keep the smaller household id and merge the other record to this id.  You can choose to keep the other id by clicking Switch Ids.

For each field that has a value in both household records, you are able to choose which value to keep.  Note: The parents in one household may be in a different order than parents in the other household.  You should use the Switch Parents Multi-action or the Switch Parent function to swap the order of the parents.

For ancillary records associated with the households, data associated with both households are listed and records are merged into the final household according to your selections.  If there are no selections, all records are merged to the final household.  These records are shown for your convenience so that you can determine if further adjustment may be required after the merge.  Example: There may be multiple relationships for students or inquiries with the same name.  This might mean you have duplicate inquiry records to clean up.

Note:  All records associated with the original households will reference the remaining household after the merge.  Example:  There may be different users for each household record.  Once merged, all users for the removed household are linked to the remaining household instead.

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