Uploading Course Sections to Google Classroom

Navigate to Admin>Maintenance>Google Classroom and click the ‘Upload Missing Course Sections' button to upload missing course sections to Google Classroom. 

PCR Educator uploads its course sections from the current scheduling year and selected division to Google Classroom when all these conditions are met:

- Course section is connected to a primary teacher with a valid user that has a valid email.

Note: if a teacher DECLINES a class in google classroom, the system will not try to sync this class anymore. This method should be used when teachers choose to use classes they create themselves in situations when they don't want any syncing.
Note: if a teacher ARCHIVES a class in google classroom, the system will no longer sync that class and instead attempt to create a new class next time you use the Uploading Course Sections button or next time it syncs. Ensure that teachers archive their old classes once the term finishes.
Note:  if the system created a class in Google Classroom, but the teacher no longer teaches that class, you have two options. First, if the class has no content, you can first decline it and then follow the steps of Deleting Google Classroom Course. If the course already has content that you don't want to lose, you can manually add the new teacher to the class in Google and remove the old teacher.

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