Finance & Student Billing

PCR Educator’s Student Billing & Finance is cloud-based accounting software for independent schools. Fully integrated with PCR Educator’s Admissions, Financial Aid, Enrollment, Student Information System, Development, Cafeteria POS, Summer Camp and Online Store, it delivers cost-efficient and user-friendly tools for your entire community from applicants, families, teachers and staff to business office.

Automate Student Billing with Online Enrollment

Optimize your business office operations by completely automating Student Enrollment and Student Billing with:
  • automated invitations to online Enrollment Contract for newly accepted and returning students
  • customized online Enrollment Contract configuration supporting variable tuition rates by grade level, boarding criteria, citizenship
  • automated credits, applied on the Enrollment Contract for students awarded financial aid
  • automated discounts for families with multiple students or staff households
  • flexible payment plans
  • online deposit payment with credit card and echeck options
  • invoices, automatically generated by the system once contracts are submitted
  • online statements
  • flexible cafeteria options including student debit accounts, credit accounts, pre-ordering
  • online school store
  • web access to statements, invoices and online payments for families
  • automated processing of application fees

Online Student Billing with web access for parents
Student Billing with Electronic Purchase Order System

Empower Your Staff with Online Electronic Purchase Approval System

Let your teachers submit their purchase orders and upload any supporting documentation through our intuitive web-interface. Once each order is submitted, the budget manager responsible for the relevant general ledger account automatically receives a notification about the orders pending approval. Similarly, teachers and staff are immediately notified when their purchases are approved. Upon arrival of the goods, they can easily mark all items as received, triggering another automated email notifying the finance office that the purchase order can be no converted to a vendor invoice.

Eliminate Paper Reports with Budget Manager Online Access

Empower your key personnel responsible for managing budgets with direct access to a customized dashboard designed for K-12 schools which provides an overview of their accounts, a list of purchase orders, an intuitive process for reviewing and approving pending purchase orders, an easy interface for requesting budgets for next fiscal year, live budget comparisons by period and by year and real-time general ledger activity.
Online Budget manager Access for K-12 School Management Software
Online Store for K-12 School Management System

Boost Your Revenue with Online School Store

Increase your revenue with PCR Educator’s Online School Store and a Point of Sale (POS) system which facilitate seamless transactions for students, parents, staff, and visitors. With such features as automated authentication, debit and credit accounts, online access to recent purchases, automated posting to general ledger, as well as flexible inventory management, you are guaranteed to benefit from the additional earnings supporting the financial stability of the school.

Generate Financial Reports on the Fly

Leverage the power of our integrated School Management System which comes equipped with a comprehensive reporting module and a set of predefined reports including Financial Statements, Budget Comparisons, General Ledger Activity, Reconciliation, Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Statement of Activities (Income Statement), Cash Flow Forecast, Trial Balance, Statement of Cash Flows, Statement of Fixed Assets, and others. The system also includes a Data Analytics Tool that allows users to create their own reports from scratch using the entire database.

Experience a Financial System Built for k-12 Schools

Enjoy an accounting system built specifically for independent and private schools with comprehensive security access, project accounting functionality, automated address updates, automated donation processing, automated lunch processing, automated school store processing, all-inclusive general ledger register, online enrollment and deposit processing, electronic purchase order approval system, and online access to statements, payment options and receipts for parents.
PCR Educator School Information System is an online database engineered for schools and universities to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design.

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