Content Management System (CMS) Website

Our CMS website gives you 100% control over your website design, allowing you to communicate your mission and brand more effectively. It allows you to create and modify content with a user-friendly, Word-like editor. The CMS website eliminates maintenance associated with synchronizing logins from different systems, integration, export and import procedures, and double entry in the website and SIS part.


Compatible with all browsers, computers and mobile devices, you can create image galleries, set expiration dates for images, control to whom and how images are presented, and display media directly from your school’s Facebook page.

Statistics & Analysis

Have access to detailed information about website visitors and interaction statistics, and analyze its use through customizable filters.


Create and manage an infinite number of calendars without content duplication, and target events to specific users. Because this feature is part of the whole system, all events created in other modules will automatically appear on the calendar, including events on your Facebook page.

Flexible Design

Whether you would like us to design your website, use the existing design, or work with another design company –we will work with you to create a high quality website.


Inform all users of your school’s latest news. You will be able to set expiration dates, eliminate duplicated entries, personalize and target your stories, and integrate news from your Facebook page.

Personalized Email Communication

Keep your audience informed with custom-designed HTML newsletter templates and emails. Once designed, decide the delivery date of your messages, and later analyze who read your message and when.


With the creation of directories, you will gain powerful search functionality, customizable information displays, access to teacher and course websites, as well as allow parents to decide whether they want their information public. Information is automatically pulled from the main database, eliminating maintenance costs associated with double-entry or integration.

Teacher & Course Websites

Teachers will be able to design their own website page, using a Word-like editor.

Internet Marking & SEO

Optimizing your website to improve the volume and quality of traffic will better direct potential users to your site and increase its position in search engine results. Using an internet marking strategy, your school will receive many more inquiries, applicants, and donations.

Engineering Expertise

Established in 1989, to develop database systems for corporations such as IBM, MCI, NASDAQ, USAir, and the White House, PCR has evolved into a complete system for schools. As a Microsoft partner, PCR relies on cutting-edge technology in order to deliver stable applications with superb features.
PCR Educator School Information System is engineered for independent schools to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent constituency communication and customized design. Being a complete cloud based solution, PCR Educator system guarantees convenient access anytime, anywhere.