School Management System - CMS Website

PCR Educator Content Management System (CMS) Website provides custom-designed website, communications, and marketing software to independent and private schools. Our CMS website gives you 100% control over your website design, allowing you to communicate your mission and brand more effectively. It allows you to create and modify content with a user-friendly, Word-like editor. The CMS website eliminates maintenance associated with synchronizing logins from different systems, integration, export and import procedures, and double entry in the website and SIS part.

Online donations, inquiry form, online application for K12 independent schools

Increase Inquiry Traffic, Enrollment, Retention, Online Sales and Donations

Drive your audience in the direction which will make your school a better place by taking advantage of PCR Educator’s CMS with:
  • smart online inquiry forms which reflect inquiry interests
  • targeted online donation forms which appeal to specific interests of the site visitor
  • personalized content which reflects the interests and affiliations of your audience
  • custom-designed emails for promoting events and donations
  • automated notifications for application progress and outstanding items
  • integrated portals for all members of your community.
  • comprehensive data analysis for identifying key areas for investment
  • easy-to-use online store integrated with SIS and Student Billing

Target Your Audience

Deliver personalized content to each member of your constituency by leveraging the data available from all departments in your school with:
  • personalized mass-emails with custom content
  • personalized news, events, calendars
  • fundraising appeals reflecting past donation history
  • intuitive event sign-up forms
  • easy-to-use teacher websites
  • Increase Website Traffic

    Boost your online visibility with PCR Educator custom-designed website which is built by optimization engineers who focus on delivering aggressive search engine optimization within the independent school community.
    Custom CMS Website increases SEO and traffic

    Make Smarter Decisions With Data Analytics

    Gain valuable insight from Data Analytics gathered from public website activity and internal operations and data points including Admissions, Student Information System, Student Billing / Finance and Fundraising. Invest in marketing areas which maximize the return on investment by analyzing the data received from all available sources.
    Website analytics increases traffic, donations and revenue

    Increase your website’s agility

    Keep your website dynamic and agile with PCR Educator’s CMS Website, which lets administrators make changes quickly and efficiently using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

    Collaborate Across Departments

    Improve your website’s engagement and increase its traffic by taking advantage of information available from departments and by empowering individual users to contribute valuable content with
    • automated data flow from scheduled admissions events to website calendar
    • automated content population from fundraising activities
    • personalized and tiered access to calendar and news management
    • student and staff driven discussion forums and blogs
    • automated fundraising campaign reporting widgets designed to showcase your goal and current contributions live on the website
    • image galleries personalized to the user’s demographics
    PCR Educator School Information System is an online database engineered for schools and universities to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design.

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