Fundraising / Development Software and Donor Management for Independent Schools

PCR Educator's Fundraising and Donor Management software is one of the modules of PCR Educator’s K-12 School Information Management System, which provides a web-based development process to private and independent schools designed to grow your constituent base, retain current supporters and expand your revenue streams with easy-to-use constituency database, online donations, automated and recurring gifts, event ticketing and smart communication tools.

Make Smarter Decisions with Real-time Customizable Dashboards

Trust PCR Educator’s intelligent dashboards for donors, campaigns, events and the entire fundraising system to be the key tool for spotting trends, recognizing relationships, monitoring campaign and event performance, analyzing constituency performance and participation, combining data from multiple data sources, comparing actual and goal values, identifying top solicitors, recognizing potential donors and investing your resources in areas which will maximize the returns.
K-12 Fundraising Dashboards

Online Donation Form and Event Registration Form

Increase your Revenue with Responsive Online Donation and Event Registration Forms

Lead your donors through well-defined conversion paths which maximize donations and event registrations promoting sustaining support with:
  • unlimited number of easy-to-build registration forms using PCR Educator’s Content Management System (CMS)
  • personalized email invitations with call to action buttons
  • targeted newsletters and email campaigns designed to appeal to selected constituency records based on their interests, relations, past donation history
  • automated charges for recurring gifts and pledges
  • custom donor and alumni portals with easy access to donation history, tax receipts and online giving options
  • personalized content feeds specific to donor interests and affiliations

Engage Your Entire Constituency with Online Portals for Alumni, Students, Families and Volunteers

Appeal to every member of your community with our Content Management System (CMS) portals, fostering the relationships through personalized content and embedding fundraising appeals throughout your website.
Personalized Portals for Alumni, Students, Families

K-12 School Communication Tools for Fundraising and Donor Management

Propel your Solicitations with our Intelligent Communication Tools

Leverage the power of PCR Educator’s online integrated school management system when communicating with your constituency with
  • mass emails with personalized appeals for donors, prospects, alumni and families
  • responsive emails with custom design
  • scheduled, automated and tracked email campaigns
  • intelligent email analytics
  • click-through rates
  • custom directories and letter templates
  • targeted content feeds on the website and portals for alumni, families and staff

    Focus on Building Relationships with your Donors

    Access each donor’s personal profile on a convenient dashboard with donor connections to the school, prior student records, awards, education, work history, financial information, affiliations, interests, appeals, invoices, receipts, connected students, pledges and donations.

    Gain Valuable Insights with Fundraising Data Analytics and Predefined Reports

    Take advantage of the expertly built reports with PCR Educator Data Analytics Tool which allows each user to leverage the data from the entire database, connecting fundraising data with students, staff, financial records, applicants and their families. Adjust these predefined reports to fit your scenarios or create new queries from scratch using:
    • “left joins”, an advanced database concept which is extremely helpful in many situations
    • functional conditions
    • parameterized conditions
    • data formatting
    • mailmerge from results
    • charting tools
    • role-based secure access
    • drill-down support
    • aggregated data
    PCR Educator School Information System is an online database engineered for schools and universities to deliver the highest level of flexibility, unique experience, transparent communication and customized design.

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